A new project, that's not ATW!
Posted by: RedFox34 - Thu, 2010 Jun 03 - Comments: 1 | Views: 103
avatar Hey all,

I've been working on something completely unrelated to Atrigan Tank Wars (if you even still remember what that is). Instead, I present you with a stand-alone mod for the popular turn-based strategy game Panzer General 2. I've labeled it "Embers."

I realized recently that I have been working on a lot of cool projects, but that I didn't have the desire to finish any of them. One of them, however, recently recaught my eye, and I decided that it was the perfect base off of which to combine elements of the others. I also decided that releasing the story episodically would work better, both for the players and for my own work ethic; I plan to combine them into bigger campaigns upon completion of all three episodes.

The download link is provided below, in a big .zip file (112 mb) that contains the entire package; custom graphics, sounds, music, a six scenario campaign (episode I), and three stand alone scenarios. You do not need Panzer General 2 to play Embers; I'm using a stand-alone, user-created copy of the engine and hardly any of the original game's content is being used. I thought that since I was using my strategy-x space to host the file, it's only fair that I keep you guys here up to tabs on it as well as the PG2 community.


Credits, frequently asked questions, and so forth can be found in the readme file. There is a tutorial included for new players.

And most importantly, screenshots! Big Grin

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Posted by: RedFox34 - Tue, 2009 Aug 25 - Comments: 3 | Views: 296
avatar All good things must come to an end, and ATW is no exception. After five years of working on this game with my good friend, we simply no longer have the will or enthusiasm to carry on.

But neither do we intend to disappoint whoever was interested in playing this.

At the bottom of this post is the final copy of Atrigan Tank Wars, with a six level campaign, three pilotable vehicles and three difficulty levels, as well as a boatload of developer commentary on things you probably didn't even want developer commentary on. It's not what we ultimately wanted it to be, but I feel it's an appropiate sendoff nonetheless.

Some screens for you:

The final copy:
ATW Download

Thanks are in order to everyone who helped and can be found in the credits. Thanks for hosting us guys, and I hope you let us keep it up here for a while so people can play it. After five years, we deserve the feedback! Big Grin
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 We're not dead.
Posted by: RedFox34 - Fri, 2008 Jul 04 - Comments: 3 | Views: 456

Screens from the first two levels after a massive two day working spree on ATW.

Game's been cut down in size from 10 to 8 levels, at least at the moment. Three of the levels are completely done and playable, two are about 75% done and just require scripting, and level 6 is about 25% done.

We've added an arrow to the bottom of the screen (not pictured) that shows you where you need to go on some of the more expansive levels.

I realize the media and downloads sections are down, I'll get around to fixing them and reuploading the demo as soon as I can.
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 The site is complete!
Posted by: RedFox34 - Wed, 2007 Nov 21 - Comments: 0 | Views: 463
avatar www.atw.strategy-x.com

The website for the standalone tank combat game Atrigan Tank Wars is finally complete! I encourage anyone who hasn't yet to try the demo, which although from December of 2006, has 3 full difficulty settings, an unlockable secret, and an easter egg nobody has found yet Wink

Feedback on the game is encouraged on the forums; though most of the bugs from the demo have been solved it is always interesting to read new gameplay and bug feedback.

Give us a look! Smile

NOVEMBER 21st: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iIPSTkIJGRg = New video trailer for ATW. Check it out!
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 Testing ATW News.
Posted by: RedFox34 - Tue, 2007 Jul 17 - Comments: 0 | Views: 414
avatar Testing the News System for the ATW site, if it works properly then you should be able to see this.

The site is still under construction.

(Clearly.) Tongue
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